Volume 4 Issue 10

The Hotwire #44 (27:32)

Unicorn Riot:
Delaware Vaughn Prison Revolt Trial Ends In Mixed Verdict
First Vaughn Prison Revolt Trial Begins

Prisoner Demands Remain Ignored In Weeks After Vaughn Rebellion
Beyond Prisons — Episode 10: Demanding Human Rights At Vaughn feat. Emily Abendroth

The Real News Network:
Vaughn Correctional Center Inmates Rose Up Against Decades of Oppression

San Francisco Bay View:
Smyrna 17: Trials of Delaware ‘riot leaders’ begin Oct. 8
What happened at Vaughn prison?

It’s Going Down:
Bloc Party: Interview with Former Vaughn Prisoner Thomas Gordon
Vaughn 17 Defendant Speaks!: Jarreau Ayers Gives Breakdown on State’s Attempt to Railroad Defendants

Delaware Online:
‘Smyrna 5’ case from 1974 has parallels to Vaughn prison riot trial of today
Public defender criticizes state’s secrecy in Vaughn prison riot case
More money needed for Vaughn riot and other cases, chief public defender says
Vaughn prison riot survivor says officials responsible: ‘There’s blood everywhere’

The Movement: Silent No More
Documents from the 2017 Vaughn Uprising

Decarcerate PA:
Vaughn prisoners release demands in wake of prison uprising

Abolition Journal:
From the Vaughn Prison Uprising: “For a Safer, More Secure, and More Humane Prison”

Law at the Margins
Why the Vaughn 17 Case Matters to Us All

T.C. Hall Media
Letter from Pro Se defendant Jarreau Ayers of Vaughn Prison Riot Trial

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