Vaughn 17 Trial 2 Verdict

None convicted! Obadiah Miller Riot – no decision Felony murder – no decision Murder of law enforcement officer –no decision First-degree Assault, Officer Joshua Wilkinson – not guilty First-degree Assault, Officer Winslow Smith – not guilty Kidnapping Lt. Steven Floyd – not guilty Kidnapping – Wilkinson – not guilty Kidnapping - Smith – not guilty... Continue Reading →

Vaughn 17 Defendant Speaks!: Jarreau Ayers Gives Breakdown on State’s Attempt to Railroad Defendants

By Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement: One of the Vaughn 17 speaks about the State’s attempt to hide evidence and railroad prisoners throughout the current trial. Produced by the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM). Jarreau Ayers of the #Vaughn17 gives a breakdown about how the state is trying to bury evidence and railroad the defendants in this trial.... Continue Reading →

Second Vaughn 17 Trial: End of First Week

After failing to present any substantive evidence all week and then seeing their star witness devastatingly discredited under cross-examination on Friday, one might think the prosecution for the Vaughn 17 case would be going home this weekend and discussing how to quietly drop the charges against the remaining prisoners charged with alleged involvement in the... Continue Reading →

Donate to Support the Vaughn 17!

From the GoFundMe campaign to support the Vaughn 17: Support defendants in the Vaughn uprising trial as they face immense repression! After a series of peaceful protests yielded few results, incarcerated comrades took over a building at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware on February 1st, 2017. Citing the election of Donald Trump and... Continue Reading →

Court Support Summary: Friday 11/09/2018

“People’s mentality is they’re victims of circumstance. They fail to realize they were victims before C Building…Those who understand the uprising needed to happen […] started from one thought (amazing)…Now I truly know the concept of the tree inside the seed… If my number gets called I’m going pro se, fuck a suit, I’ll wear... Continue Reading →

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