Seven #Vaughn17 Prisoners Moved from SCI Camp Hill

The seven #Vaughn17 prisoners who got moved to SCI Camp Hill in Pennsylvania five weeks ago were transferred to different PA prisons on Tuesday, April 16.

Here are their new locations:

    Jarreau Ayers – NS9994, SCI Huntingdon
    Deric Forney – NS2698, SCI Coal Township
    Dwayne Staats – NS0000, SCI Albion
    Abednego Baynes – NT0594, SCI Frackville
    Kevin Berry – NT0583, SCI Benner Township
    John Bramble – NT0282, SCI Rockview
    Obadiah Miller- NSNT0293, SCI Huntingdon

Write and let them know you’re thinking of them! It’s also worth calling and asking each prison when they plan to take them out of restricted housing and let them make phone calls, as the PA DOC is continuing to hold them in solitary.

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